Hi, I'm Chad Oakenfold and work as a Frontend Team Lead. I love to garden and try to bike regularly. Still trying to learn how to sew garments.


When I listen to Spotify, often a song comes on that I dig and I click through to the album details. If it's an album (and not a single) I'll create a playlist that I add to an "In Coming" folder. This is too cumbersome — I created an app which has a button that does (almost*) all of the aforementioned steps

* Currently, Spotify doesn't allow apps to create playlists inside of folders
Notable features
Creates a playlist that is the full album of the currently playing song
Does Spotify OAuth
Requests email access and can handle a denied request
CRUD to cloud MongoDB
Has nice Github actions, ex: sitespeed.io
Deploys to Vercel on push/merge
Has a User Account & Admin settings page


A todo list saved to localStorage. Using React's useReducerhook to manage state

Notable features
Keyboard support: List & Todo names can be edited by clicking on the text and typing. Changes are saved by pressing Enter. Pressing Escape or tabbing away before a save resets it to the original text
Can bulk edit Lists & Todos

Sine Coordinates

A full stack application. The backend generates sine coordinates every second. The frontend displays the coordinates in a (realtime) graph and table

Notable features
Graph is powered by D3
Realtime data via websockets
Frontend has a retry/reconnect mechanism (useful with cold starts on Heroku)